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What Is “Dying Matters”?

What Is “Dying Matters”?
What Is “Dying Matters”?
Mon Jul 10

Dying Matters is a coalition that aims to generate a more open public dialogue regarding the issues of death and bereavement.

The stigma around these topics has resulted in a society that’s very reserved and unwilling to talk openly and honestly about dying.

It can be quite a sensitive issue but it’s an inevitable event and it’s important to talk about it without having to feel uncomfortable.

The idea behind Dying Matters is based around the concept that it’s ok to talk about dying and your end of life wishes without it being an awkward conversation.

Studies have shown that a large majority of people in the UK find it uncomfortable talking to people about death, which is what the Dying Matters campaign hopes to change.

The coalition was first set up in 2009 by the National Council for Palliative Care and has gradually grown in membership to a current figure of around 32,000.

Members include organisations and people from a variety of different industries including the NHS, social care and independent healthcare.

The initial idea was born from a desire to help people talk more openly with family members and loved ones about what they want to happen after they die.

The campaign has been pushing forward year after year, with more people opening up and getting involved all the time.

Every year Dying Matters organises an awareness week which aims to bring in more members and raise awareness on specific issues.

In 2016 the Dying Matters Awareness Week focused on the difficulties of planning your death and gave advice to anyone who needed it.

That year saw the biggest increase in public awareness since the coalition’s formation, with a huge influx of visitors to the website and over 16,000 uses of the campaign hashtag #BigConversation.

The Dying Matters website has grown substantially over the years and now offers members and non-members all kinds of advice and information on issues surrounding death and bereavement.

Anyone interested in getting involved can catch up with the latest events and news from existing member organisations.

There’s a bustling online community where people can interact with each other through forums and message boards.

The inclusive nature of Dying Matters means that no one ever has to feel uncomfortable or awkward if they have a question or query.

The whole idea is to promote conversation and dialogue, which is what the website is centred around.