Being motivated makes it much easier to achieve the important goals in your life, be they running a successful business, losing weight, or traveling around the world.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to become motivated in the first place and sustain motivation levels over a long period.

In this post, I’ll be sharing several techniques that will help you get that initial spark of motivation required for change and to keep it going.

How to get motivated

Find some inspiration

The easiest way to become motivated is to find a source of inspiration that pushes you into action.

There are many potential sources of inspiration available including:


There are thousands of inspiring books filled with wisdom and practical knowledge.

They can change the way you think and give you an intense desire for change that provides motivation.

Friends and family

If you have any friends or family members that are energetic, happy, successful, and motivated – spend more time with them.

Their attitude will support your desire for change and provide you with more motivation.


Movies about other people’s journeys can be awe-inspiring and help you learn more about yourself.

It’s very common for people to watch a movie and immediately feel the need to improve their lives in some way or to help others.

Spend time in nature

Spending time in a natural environment can be incredibly inspirational.

It can give you the opportunity to reflect on your life in an honest and confronting way — identifying the things that need to change in your life and the goals you wish to accomplish.


Traveling is a wonderful way to learn more about yourself, meet new people, and enjoy new experiences.

It can be very inspirational and provide a significant boost to your motivation levels.

Broaden your horizons

It’s highly unlikely that you will become motivated if you repeat the same behaviour everyday.

Motivation requires a desire to change and it is unlikely you will find that desire if you are in a strict or boring routine.

You really need to push yourself from your comfort zone by engaging in some new kinds of activities.

Spend some time traveling, take a class, volunteer with a charity, take up a new hobby, try a new exercise regime.

Do anything different to your normal routine to shake things up.

The new experiences that you have, the things that you see, and the people that you meet will change your perception of the world — providing you with the initial surge of motivation that you need to make some serious changes in your life.

Document your desire for change

The simple act of recording your thoughts, feelings, and ambitions in a journal can dramatically increase your motivation levels.

Writing things down in this way will help you identify the goals that truly matter and to begin making plans for achieving them.

How to stay motivated

Use detailed plans and progress tracking for all goals

While goal-setting is an important part of getting motivated in the first place, it can be difficult to remain motivated if that is all you have.

Ideally, you should create a detailed plan of attack for reaching that goal, along with some way to track your progress.

Let’s say your goal is to lose 20 pounds.

Create a detailed plan for reaching that goal, which includes the kinds exercise you will be performing and the changes to your diet.

Track your progress using various statistics including your weight, BMI, and heart rate.

You could also track the length of your workouts, how well you are adhering to your diet, how good you feel and so on.

Once you have a few weeks of this data recorded, you can review it to see how much progress you have made.

It will be very motivating to confirm that you are losing weight and feeling healthier.

Concentrate on forming habits

Achieving a goal is much easier if you can form habits to help you work towards it.

You will continually perform the habit without much thought and before you know it, the goal has been reached.

The level of motivation you need to reach that goal will be reduced because of the presence of various habits.

To form a strong habit, you must perform it daily for at least 2 months.

So, if you are trying to lose weight, do whatever it takes to get a workout in every day for 2 months.

You’ll then discover that you put on your workout clothes habitually and are on the way to the gym before you can talk yourself out of it.

Use both positive and negative motivators

A positive motivator is one that focuses on the good things that will happen if you achieve a goal.

For example, if you are trying to lose weight, positive motivators might include “I’ll look better” and “I’ll live longer and be healthier”.

A negative motivator is one that focusses on the backlash that occurs if the goal is not met.

In terms of losing weight, this might include “I’ll have a harder time meeting a romantic partner” or “I won’t be able to fit into my old clothes”.

Write down every motivator at your disposal in your journal and reflect on them every week.

You might also discover new motivators as you make progress towards your goal.

Role models and mentors

Having a role model or mentor available will make it much easier to remain motivated.

They will be able to provide you with encouragement, wisdom and practical advice as you work through any challenges.

The best mentors are the people you know who have achieved the goals you are attempting to reach.

If you don’t have anyone in your immediate circle, consider using a website like Mentors Me or Meet a Mentor.

Thanks for reading Tips For Getting & Staying Motivated.

Do you have any techniques which make it much easier to get motivated and stay motivated?

Share them with others in the comments.

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