In the UK we have a historical reputation for having a stiff upper lip; there’s a whole host of subjects that through the 21st century have been deemed ‘taboo’ and not to be discussed openly.

Instead these matters became something that were crushingly embarrassing for many to bring up in company. One of those matters is death.

There are many reasons why discussing the subject of death shouldn’t be shied away from.

Fear of saying the wrong thing

We’ve all been there; the potential horror of offending others makes many of us just choose not to comment when it comes to perceived awkward subjects.

But what if everyone is thinking the same thing and nobody says anything?

It leads to more silence on the matter of death and this can be crippling for someone who needs to vocalise how they might feel.

Helping with the process of grief

Saying a final goodbye isn’t something everyone gets to do.

Cruelly, life can be taken in an instant and we don’t always have the chance to share with someone what they meant or mean to us.

Talking about death is important here because when we talk about it before or after it happens, we can begin the grieving process.

Preparing yourself and your family

If you are faced with terminal illness then the discussion of death is unavoidable.

Sadly, sometimes with extended illness it’s still avoided by some of us for our own reasons but an open and frank talk about the impending death of a loved one, with them and about them, can help with any emotional pressure surrounding an illness.

It can also be helpful during a period of palliative care.

Talking about death also helps to prepare younger people or children who may be scared of what death actually means.

Being open about it frees them to ask questions and share their fears.

Planning your funeral

Although it might not seem like a prospect you want to face talking about, death gives the important matter of a funeral an opportunity to be openly planned.

Discussing it also means final wishes can be aired and taken into account.

This is also true of financial affairs and planning a will.

Death isn’t a topic we’d all choose to talk about regularly but open, calm and honest conversations about the whole matter can help to alleviate a lot of misconceptions.

A discussion can also help with emotional pressures and help to strengthen trust and bonds in relationships.

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