There is no doubt that in the 21st century our lives are busier than ever before and our minds are racing to keep up with the pace.

This and the increased use of technology can make it hard to switch off but making time to relax is crucial for better health and wellbeing.

If you are someone who struggles to wind down or you have a particularly high-pressure role at work, an inability to wind down can affect your spiritual wellbeing and lead to a chaotic feeling that you just can’t shake.

Taking time out for yourself to relax using yoga techniques can help to tune out those day-to-day occupational hazards.

When you need to summon up an inner peace instantly, feeling yourself breathing deeply and letting the strains of modern life drift away is a balm for frazzled nerves – yoga can help you to achieve this and balance your mind, body and spirit.

Become more in tune with your mind and body

It’s not just all about relaxing – yoga can help you become more in tune with your mind and body.

Many of us are guilty of over breathing and are less in tune with how that unnatural state can affect our vital organs through blood flow and being tense.

Deep and measured breathing exercises, training your muscles with yoga positions which require balance and poise and carefully stretching out your whole body to relieve tension can all bring you a new understanding of how your body works.

Yoga increases your ability to really understand how your mind and body connect to your spirit.

Inner peace

Exercise releases endorphins.

These are what are responsible for the feel good factor after hitting the gym.

When you use your muscles to push your body further and challenge it to do more, you’ll feel the post exercise euphoria.

Triggering a positive feeling in the whole body, the release of these chemicals can energise your outlook on life.

The art of yoga will produce these endorphins too.

Despite outwardly appearing as if it takes place at a slow pace, yoga actually offers an intense workout for your whole body and muscle groups.

The more advanced you are in the skills of yoga, the more you can push your body to reach new heights.

The resulting release of endorphins can create a feeling of achievement that in turn helps bring inner peace.

This serves to elevate your mood lift and encourages you to see the world around you as better and brighter place.

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