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Reducing Stress And Anxiety With Yoga

Reducing Stress And Anxiety With Yoga
Reducing Stress And Anxiety With Yoga
Mon Dec 11

The central philosophy of yoga is that mind, body and spirit are all intertwined; they act as one within our life and yet individually each one affects the other.

If you’re suffering with stress or anxiety in your day-to-day life, then the ancient practise of yoga, with the abundance of relaxing stretches and controlled breathing, could be just the thing to help regain some balance and control.

Anxiety and stress are complex conditions; no one person will suffer in the same way.

Yoga may not be the ultimate answer to your problems or help everyone who is living with any of the mental health difficulties to manage all of the issues surrounding both conditions.

Anxiety can stop you being in the moment when you are forever worrying and fretting.

Obsessing over the ‘what if’s’ of each course of action or having consistent negative feelings about the future is debilitating to many of us.

What yoga does offer is the ability to take you out of that moment of helplessness – giving you an opportunity to relax, compose yourself and just breathe.

The poses and yoga ideas that could be the start of uplifting your mood and mind include Corpse Pose, Tree Pose and Child Pose.

All these will help you to control your breathing, relax your body and let some of the anxiety fade away.

We release emotional and negative energy during yoga, making it increasingly popular as an alternative therapy and even sometimes prescribed as a way to manage acute anxiety rather than with medicines.

Yoga is also a great opportunity to make new friends and discuss how you feel with them – you might find many of your group are also managing similar problems and have some tips for you within the yoga environment.

That’s not to say that yoga is a cure all for anxiety or stress, every situation is different, but tried out alongside traditional treatments for mental health conditions, it could aid in the recovery or manageability of various stress related conditions.

Yoga can help you to understand how your mind works too– we all run on auto pilot throughout so much of our lives that we may lose awareness of what we really feel or even how well we feel equipped to deal with life’s natural ups and downs.

By developing awareness during yoga, you can then consciously use the tools to try and alleviate smaller stresses before they become a bigger concern.