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Planning Your Death – It’s OK To Die

Planning Your Death – It’s OK To Die
Planning Your Death – It’s OK To Die
Fri Aug 18

The emotional anguish and sadness that accompanies the death of a loved one is a natural reaction.

The grieving process is a mental and physical journey that is very personal to everyone who goes through it.

Everyone copes in different ways and has different methods of coming to terms with a life changing event such as bereavement.

It’s a fact that we are all living much longer than ever before.

While up until the end of last century it wasn’t necessarily deemed appropriate, in recent years we are now in a position where planning your death and your last wishes is now more widely acceptable and even recommended.

You may have very strong views on how you wish to live your final days; maybe you have a list of favourite places or activities you want to visit or achieve in your last days.

This is all part of accepting fate and making use of the time you have left.

Family and close friends may be helped through the decision making process during this difficult time if you make what is known as a living will.

These aren’t necessarily enforceable wishes in the eyes of the law but they do give your loved ones an idea of how you wish to be cared for or treated should you become unable to make decisions independently about your death.

Funeral plans are something that you can take control of too.

In fact, it’s ever more popular to break from the norm and who’s best placed to decide what music is played or what guests might wear than you?

If you want a quiet solemn funeral or indeed a celebration of your life then planning this ahead and sharing the plans with your family is ok to do – it doesn’t mean it isn’t a difficult truth to bear but gives them direction during what will be a sad time of loss.

The subject of what you would like to happen to your estate and belongings on your death needs careful planning as well.

This would ideally be with the help of a legal advisor who can guide you through what to do.

A will is a legal document and it can ensure that your wishes will be carried out.

We will all die one day, but we all hope for a happy and fulfilling life before our time inevitably comes.

Planning your death and the events that surround it can help you, your family and your friends to be better prepared for it.