Physical health and mental health are not two sides of the same coin so much as they are always linked.

Mental fatigue increases physical tiredness.

Giving a patient with a severe illness time with a therapy animal such as a dog or a cat can reduce pain for the patient.

We can’t keep mental health separate from physical health, and it would be silly to try.

Though this can seem like an overwhelming thing to face at first, it actually makes managing your physical and mental health easier.

Here are some activities that are good for you mentally and physically.

Regular exercise

Exercise releases certain chemicals in the brain which can be as effective as antidepressants in some cases.

Focusing on your movement will not only provide you with a chance to think about something other than your mental health, but also get you fitter, which in turn will help you to enjoy your exercise more.

It doesn’t have to be running, either; exercises like yoga or swimming can be just as effective.

Keeping clean

People with mental illness can sometimes neglect their hygiene, making them feel even worse and potentially causing them to become physically sick.

Turn your physical health and cleanliness into a treat for your mental health too.

You’ll feel better just by virtue of being cleaner, but you can indulge yourself by turning a five-minute shower into an hour-long bath with a good book, scented bubble bath, and a face mask.

If you treat yourself like you’re worth something special, you will begin to achieve higher self-esteem.


Junk food might be easy to find, but does it ever taste good?

There are days when you want a fast-food burger, but by setting aside the time to make a meal you’ll know you’ll really enjoy and making it yourself, you’ll be eating healthier and will enjoy your food more.

Set aside an afternoon to cook for yourself, with no outside pressures or appointments to get to.

You might be surprised at how relaxing you find it—and the effect of a good meal filled with nutrients will make you feel better in yourself.


Lack of sleep can mess with your thought processes, making you go slower and causing you to make mistakes the more awake version of yourself wouldn’t have made.

Take care to get enough rest, and remember that even lying there if you find sleep too difficult will make a big difference to how tired you feel the next day.

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