If you have never tried meditation, you may think it is just a strange hippy practice that involves sitting around wasting time.

After all, your time is valuable and would be better spent being productive, right?

It actually turns out that mediation is a precious tool that has some really positive effects on the brain and the body.

By taking time out to practice meditation, you could actually increase your productivity and boost your health all at the same time.

So how does meditation affect the brain and body?

Improving focus

Mediation is a skill that takes time and discipline to learn.

When you first decide to sit and think about nothing and focus on your breathing, you will be amazed how resistant your brain becomes.

It will challenge you continually and suddenly think of a million and one things you need to do and focus on right now.

When you learn the art of single focus for mediation you are refining a valuable skill for life.

Being able to shut out the chaos and focus on anything you choose improves your productivity both at work and at home.

Lowering blood pressure

In terms of physical impact on the body, meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure.

This is thought to be because the practice has a positive effect on the stress hormones in the body which in turn means we cope better with stressful situations and have an overall sense of well being.

Lowering blood pressure also brings down the risk of heart attack and stroke so is indeed something worth considering.

Get up and go

People who regularly practice meditation also experience higher levels of energy and stamina.

After a mediation session, many people report a euphoric surge of energy and positivity which may last several hours.

This makes this a prime window for getting things done.

Over a period of time, this repeated spike in the chill factor contributes to better sleep and fewer feelings of exhaustion and fatigue.

The great escape

Mediation can also be a great way to process problems.

If you regularly practice meditation, you will notice that you are able to remain calmer when trouble strikes.

Taking yourself off for some time out can also be the best way to process issues, so if a problem has you wracking your brain for a solution, stop thinking and start meditating.

You may well find the answer pops into your head when you are least expecting it.

Enhanced immune system

While it is fair to say that your chances of getting coughs, colds and bugs are relatable to the amount of exposure you have to such germs, how your body processes illness is a whole different ball game.

What can wipe out someone with a weakened immune system can be no more than a sniffle for those who have active and healthy immune systems.

Because meditation has an impact on the chemicals in the body and enables us to be less stressed the immune system is boosted rather than compromised by constant stress.

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