A lot of people struggle to stay active in the workplace, usually because they’re stuck sitting behind a desk or they’re cooped up in an office for long periods at a time.

However, staying active isn’t entirely out of the question.

Taking the time to move about, doing little bits of movement here and there, can make an impressive difference to how active you are.

Here are the top four ways to stay active at work.

Walk up and down stairs

One of the easiest ways to stay active in the workplace is to walk up and down the stairs.

Rather than opting for the lift, try and stretch your legs.

Taking the stairs can make a huge difference and it takes little to no time at all.

Head out and do the coffee run

Most workplaces will have a coffee run of some sort.

Instead of leaving it to someone else, why not offer to go yourself?

Not only does doing the coffee run get you out of the workplace for a bit, but it’s a great way to get in a daytime walk.

Walk to speak to colleagues instead of emailing

Throughout the workday, you’re sure to find yourself emailing colleagues back and forth quite a lot.

However, walking and actually speaking to them is a great way to stay active.

Though they may only be a short walk away, a lot of short little walks around the office all add up.

Do stretches and small exercises at your desk

Though you may be sitting at a desk all day, that’s not to say that you can’t stretch throughout the day.

There are also quick exercises you can do whenever you get a spare minute, such as leg lifts from your chair and squats in between answering the phone.

By making a few minor changes to your workday, it can be very easy to stay active in the workplace.

In fact, after a while it’ll likely become part of your daily routine.

Whether you head out on a coffee run a few times a week or you start taking the stairs, you’re sure to notice a difference.

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