Have you noticed how predictable New Year’s resolutions are?

Each year thousands of people pledge to lose weight, eat more healthy food, stop smoking, start running… the usual suspects.

All of these are great, and the intentions behind them are based on living a healthier, happier life.

However, you will rarely hear anyone say that they are doing a digital detox, and you may even be slightly baffled as to what that is.

A digital detox is basically having a period away from your electronic devices and creating some limitations to the time you spend on social media.

When was the last time you read a book or turned off your phone?

It might not be January the first anymore, but it is never too late to start.

Here are some excellent reasons why you should consider a digital detox in 2018.

Create balance

In the modern world, we are forced to become slaves to our work, whether that is the expectation from our employers or something we are imposing on ourselves as a sign of success.

Even on our days off, we are now so connected we can pick up work emails and check in with our colleagues in just a few taps of the mobile screen.

This is not healthy.

Before technology exploded if you were not at work you were not involved.

Things would happen without you.

So, if you are going out of the office, set your email autoresponder to confirm this fact and do not check your emails until you are clocked back into work.

You need to unwind and spend time thinking about other things.

Sleep peacefully

One of the critical problems with LED screens is that they are considered a stimulant.

So if you are watching television and using your phone or tablet to browse the net all evening, sleep is going to be harder.

Your brain cannot rest, and in order to sleep the body needs to release key hormones which are blocked by the blue light from screens hitting the eyes.

It might sound strange, but if you turn off all technology half an hour before bed and just read in a low light, or listen to some music (without a screen full of images), you will find that you are naturally more tired.

This is also the case for those of you that use your mobile phone during the night if you can sleep you make the problem worse by picking up the screen as this just adds to the cycle of wakefulness.

Simplify life

If you take the time to do something more basic than interacting with screens, like reading or doing a jigsaw you are giving the brain a chance to relax.

Continually flicking from social media to the web browser to chat apps creates a pretty chaotic state in the mind.

Channelling all your concentration into something that does not have a screen is beneficial to your overall stress levels as the body can start to relax and unwind.

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