Have you ever worried whether your charity meets the public interest test; one which trustees must report upon in their Annual Return (TAR)?

Or are you looking for an independent trustee for your SSIP? Or perhaps you have a family trust with difficult decisions to make? Or maybe a trade body which needs guidance and direction?

An independent pair of eyes and ears could be just what you need. Someone who can be objective and make proposals to meet the needs of all those to be considered, both in the short and long term.

  • 17 years as a trustee of a charity (£7m pa budget)
  • 4 years on the charity’s board including roles as deputy chair and chair
  • Governance used as an exemplar in an Annual Report of the Charity Commissioner (2013/4)
  • 8 years on the board of an international not for profit body, 4 as CEO, managing the redomiciliation of the organisation from Paris to Brussels
  • Qualified lawyer 35 years. I have the white hair to prove it!
  • Record of efficiency and improved functioning of trustee meetings, reducing (in worst case) an all day meeting to under an hour

Available as a public interest lay observer, independent non-charitable trustee (subject to usual financial controls e.g. co-signature of bank accounts etc) or as an adviser on specific issues or topics, including trustee training, agenda etc.

Annual retainer or project based fee.

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