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The Best Ways To Manage Anxiety

The Best Ways To Manage Anxiety
The Best Ways To Manage Anxiety
Tue Dec 12

Anxiety can be desperately hard to control but in 2013, there was over 8 million people in the UK living with or diagnosed with the condition.

It is often associated with a fear of bad things happening and the future being scary in case things become worse.

Cases vary, and many require treatment with medication.

Whether you have anxiety that is being managed with medication or through therapy or are struggling with it alone, there are a number of other ways to help your frame of mind and restore a sense of calm.

Get enough sleep

We all suffer from tiredness sometimes, and anxiety and anxious thoughts can actually prevent a decent night of sleep for some.

But a relaxed bedtime routine, no television or music in the hour before and a warm bath can all help you to drift off and let you brain recharge for the day ahead.

Take a break

Some time out could be well overdue in your life if anxiety is overwhelming you daily.

A short holiday or respite could help you to centralise your thought process.

Often, being away from the focus of your anxiety can help to put things into perspective.

If you can’t take a few days holiday, try a day dedicated to a favourite hobby or self-care.

Eat a balanced diet

What we put into our bodies has a direct affect on our health.

We know more than we ever did about the benefits of having plenty of fruit and vegetables in our diet.

All those natural vitamins can really help mental well being too as our bodies and internal organs are functioning at the optimum.

If you struggle with anxiety, try speaking to a nutritionist about your diet and make a conscious effort to include more natural foods, whole grains, fruit and vegetables.

Avoid too much sugar

Sugar appears in pretty much all of the things that we like to treat ourselves to, but high amounts of sugar can be detrimental to your health and prevent your body getting all the nutrients it needs.

Sugar also gives us a high – so naturally there will be a low.

If you already have anxiety then those highs and lows can affect your mood.

Alcohol is full of sugars too; and can be attributed to being a depressant with a mismanaged intake.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is a proven remedy to feeling good about yourself – whether you like to swim, run or go to a yoga class, regular movement is incredibly beneficial to both mind and body.

The feel good hormones released when you exercise give you a natural lift, and the physical and mental health benefits from regular activity or taking part in a sport are sometimes the best medicine.