Listening to podcasts regularly is an excellent way to learn more about about yourself and the world around you.

There are hundreds of inspirational podcasts available, including broadcasts from prominent motivational speakers, world class entrepreneurs, and spiritual gurus.

The podcasts that are available cover a wide range of topics including mindfulness, spiritualism, productivity, and relationships.

They are an valuable source of knowledge that you can use whenever you have a few spare minutes.

This article will share 9 outstanding podcasts to inspire you in 2018.

Explore Everyday

This is a fantastic podcast for anyone who loves to travel.

Host Emma Higgins talks to fellow travellers about the inspirational locations they have visited around the world.

The podcast also shares useful information about traveling and how to explore the world on a tight budget.

After listening to this podcast, you will be inspired to travel more and visit some exciting new locations.

Learn more about the podcast on the GottaKeepMovin website.

Courage and Spice — For Humans With Self Doubt

Everyone experiences periods of self doubt at times.

Often, it occurs before a major life change like traveling or starting a new career.

Courage and Spice is designed to help you get over your self doubt and get on with life.

Hosted by Sas Petherick, this is a funny, inspirational and motivational podcast that is highly addictive!

Listen to the Courage and Spice podcast.

Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions

We’ve written about Robin Sharma before.

Robin is a Canadian author, podcaster, and motivational speaker.

His Mastery Sessions podcast is a brilliant source of motivation which covers topics ranging from beating procrastination to improving your relationships and being a better leader.

Listening to Robin’s podcasts will provide you with a combination of inspirational ideas and pragmatic techniques that you can implement into you daily life.

Listen to the Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions.

The Practical Minimalists

The Practical Minimalists is a podcast dedicated to minimalism and healthy living.

The two hosts, Eryn and Heather, are charming ladies who share practical information on minimalism and how to improve your lifestyle.

They also have regular discussions focussing on relationships, mindfulness, and family life.

Learn more about The Practical Minimalists.

Personal Best

Described as a “self-improvement show for people who don’t like self-improvement”, Personal Best is one of the funniest and most inspirational podcasts of 2018.

Each episode starts with a simple problem.

Perhaps a person is struggling with their relationship or work life.

The hosts will then address this problem in a hilarious and interesting way — providing some great tips for self-improvement without all of any unnecessary fluff.

Check out Personal Best here.

Inspire Nation

Inspire Nation is a popular self help and spirituality podcast hosted by Michael Sandler.

After overcoming two near-death accidents, Michael began a life-changing journey that involved learning more about spirituality and philosophy.

His podcast touches on many topics including the law of attraction, healthy living, and spiritualism.

It is a very motivational and inspirational series that you are sure to enjoy.

Learn more about Inspire Nation.

Daily Boost

Hosted by motivational speaker and author Scott Smith, Daily Boost is an excellent source of daily inspiration.

Scott’s enthusiastic and positive attitude is highly motivational and encouraging.

He talks about all aspects of self-improvement, providing proven techniques to improve your relationships, work life, and mental attitude.

Check out Daily Boost.

Hey Cool Job!

Hey Cool Job! is a podcast that will inspire you to develop your career.

Hosted by Mary H.K. Choi, this podcast features interviews with people who have developed highly successful careers.

Mary asks them questions about their careers and how they managed to succeed.

Listen to Hey Cool Job!

The Good Life Project by Jonathan Fields

This inspirational podcast will help you live a healthier, happier, and more exciting life.

Johnathan Fields explores a wide range of interesting topics that relate to living a good life including exercise, healthy eating, and stress management.

Each podcast is well researched and presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Listen to the Good Life Project podcast.

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