Our busy lives often distract us from what really matters; advances in technology mean we communicate differently, and often much less, and the hectic pace of the 21st century can lead us to missing out on some key moments as we have our heads buried in a screen.

At its worst, a loss of focus can also mean losing the basics of what is really important to us.

Here are our five top tips to refocus your mind on what is really important…

1. Make lists and plans

The saying goes if you fail to plan then you plan to fail – but if you’re taking on too much you’ll struggle to get anything done to satisfaction.

Make a list of the tasks ahead and decide which of them is more important to achieve.

Accept that you can’t do everything and recognise that it’s important to step back, plan your strategy and focus on what make you happy.

2. Evaluate

When things don’t go to plan it’s vital to evaluate and not just consider where things went wrong.

There are lessons to be learned from mistakes as much as there are from every success.

When you evaluate you can pick out the good and the bad.

This can help you to recognise what is important to you.

3. Have dreams

Ambition isn’t something to be ashamed of – it’s massively important to have hopes and dreams no matter how big, small or achievable they may be.

Negative thoughts can kill our belief that we can achieve greatness.

A popular way to focus on our dreams is to make a vision board.

To do this, pin images of places you want to visit, a goal you would like to accomplish or a skill you’d like to learn and then add inspirational notes to keep you focussed on your ambitions.

4. Make time for yourself

This one is vital – how often do we get caught up in doing things for everyone else and forget that we matter as a person and need some rest and relaxation too?

Loving yourself is really important for your mental wellbeing and focussing on what makes you happy needs to be high on your agenda now and again.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant; a simple relaxing bath or buying a new book you’ve wanted to read for ages can be a timely reminder of how much you matter.

5. Be grateful

How often do we take for granted who’s there for us?

Taking a step back and looking for the good in our lives can sometimes get overlooked in favour of negativity.

That’s where a gratitude diary might help you to focus on what (and who) is important.

You may have got rained on and your hair went frizzy – but a kind stranger held open a door for you.

A customer was unnecessarily rude to you but when you got home your child told you he loves you.

There’s a lot to be grateful for when you really look for it.

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