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5 Simple Steps To Boost Your Mood

5 Simple Steps To Boost Your Mood
5 Simple Steps To Boost Your Mood
Wed Jul 31

Everyone experiences good days and bad days.

Sometimes you simply roll out of bed a little grumpy or a news story on morning television puts you into a foul mood.

Maybe it’s raining outside or a politician you don’t like was just elected. Occasionally being in a bad mood is a natural part of life.

Unfortunately, being in a bad mood too often can have some nasty repercussions.

It can impact your performance at work or school, affect how you communicate with others, and make you an absolute “pain in the butt” to be around.

It can also make your life miserable and increase the risk of depression.

Whatever the cause of your bad mood, it can be turned around.

In this post, I’ll share some simple steps that you can use to boost your mood!

#1 – Enjoy more face-to-face time with people you love

A simple face-to-face conversation with another human being can dramatically improve your mood.

A discussion will help you put your problems into perspective, give you a chance to vent, and help you realise that you aren’t the only one who is occasionally cranky at the world.

After the conversation, you will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders and your mood will be elevated.

#2 – Exercise more often

Exercise is one of the most effective mood-boosters available.

When you exercise, the body will release “feel-good” hormones called endorphins.

Endorphins are a mild analgesic that will give you an overwhelming feeling of pleasure, resulting in a boost to your mood.

Exercising will also increase your dopamine levels, an important chemical that can affect your mood (more on that below).

Another reason to exercise is that it can clear your mind of repetitive negative thoughts – especially when you exercise in nature.

Your focus will be shifted to how your body is feeling and what is going on in your immediate surroundings.

This gives you a chance to relax and take your mind off any problems that are creating stress in your life.

#3 – Listen to music

Music has been proven to boost activity in the pleasure areas of the brain, which contains many dopamine receptors.

It can also trigger positive memories which transport your mind to a happier place that boosts your mood.

Getting started is simple — put on a pair of headphones, put your feet up, and listen to your favourite music.

Better yet, dance around while listening to your music to get an even bigger mood-boost.

#4 – Get more sleep

Failing to get enough sleep can wreak havoc with your brain chemistry and hormone levels.

Researchers have found that dopamine is one of the chemicals most affected by a lack of sleep – which can negatively impact your mood.

A lack of sleep can also result in elevated cortisol levels, which is the primary hormone responsible for stress.

So, not only will you be grumpy from having reduced dopamine levels, you will also be stressed out!

In addition, you may experience poor coordination, reduced concentration levels, and tiredness if you don’t get a good night’s sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that adults should get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to maintaining good health.

It’s also important to go to bed at the same time each night, to maintain good sleep hygiene.

#5 – Boost your dopamine through supplements and diet

If a bad mood persists for more than a few days, it may be caused by insufficient dopamine levels.

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that helps to regulate mood, motivation, cognition, memory, and learning.

If you have low dopamine levels, you will have less motivation and may begin to lose pleasure from the things you once found enjoyable.

Fortunately, there are a few natural options available for boosting your dopamine levels:

Take a supplement

Researchers have identified several nutritional supplements which are capable of boosting dopamine levels including probiotics, vitamin D, ginko biloba, curcumin (turmeric), oregano oil, and magnesium.

Eat more protein

Protein-rich foods contain essential amino acids like tyrosine, which plays an important role in the production of dopamine.

Eat less saturated fat

Eating large quantities of saturated fat has been found to reduce dopamine levels.

Avoid bad fats and go for good Omega-3 fatty acids instead.

Eat velvet beans

Mucuna pruriens, also known as velvet beans contain high levels of L-dopa, which is a precursor molecule to dopamine.

Several studies have found that consuming these beans will result in higher levels of mood-boosting dopamine.

I hope you found 5 Simple Steps To Boost Your Mood useful!

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Article by Rami Cassis.