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5 Signs Your Job Is Making You Ill

5 Signs Your Job Is Making You Ill
5 Signs Your Job Is Making You Ill
Thu Mar 1

Whilst everyone experiences work-related stress from time-to-time, sometimes your career can take over your life so much that it starts to make you physically ill.

At times like these it’s imperative to recognise the signs that your job might be making you sick.

Whilst work is obviously very important, nothing is worth sacrificing your health for.

Read on for five signs that your job might be making you ill.


A sure-fire sign that your job is having a negative impact on your health is if you find yourself feeling extremely anxious when it comes to work.

Often anxiety will come on towards the end of the weekend or after a holiday away from work, and the thought of heading back to work will leave you feeling physically ill.

Some signs of anxiety include feeling hot and sweaty, struggling to concentrate, feeling sick, shortness of breath, tiredness and a dry mouth.


There’s no denying that work can be stressful.

Sometimes work stress can reach the extreme, however, and start to affect both your mental and physical health.

You might find yourself feeling irritable, getting an upset stomach, chest pain and a rapid heartbeat or just feeling overwhelmed.

Stress can be damaging and so it’s important to determine if the source of stress is your work.

Sleep struggles

Another common sign that your job is making you ill is if you are struggling to get to sleep at night.

You may find that you are tossing and turning for hours, due to the worries of work going round and round in your head.

Sleep is crucial as it helps to restore the body, so if you find you aren’t sleeping, this could have a big impact on your health and wellbeing.

Frequent headaches

If you find yourself getting headaches when you are at work, it’s important to find out why this might be.

Assess your work area to see if it could be due to prolonged screen-use, bad posture or dehydration.

If you find all of these things are fine, chances are the headaches are due to the stress of your job.

Mind meltdown

Do you find it hard to concentrate on simple tasks, or feel as though you can’t think straight?

When you are under a lot of pressure, or running on empty, it can often have a big impact on how your brain works.

If you find you are struggling to answer simple questions or feel as though you keep finding easy tasks difficult, chances are you are so exhausted and stressed out from working that it’s starting to affect your work.