There’s no avoiding it – life can be stressful from time to time.

We move at such a fast pace that during all our efforts to keep on top of life and the many ongoing demands, we forget to relax.

When was the last time you took time out to refresh and rejuvenate?

Here are five quick fixes that will aid relaxation and help you to manage stress when you feel it rearing its ugly head.

Fresh air

Rushing through each day we often forget how much a good dose of fresh air can help us to find some balance.

Whether a 10k run is your go-to way to relax or you merely prefer a stroll to your favourite scenic spot or green open space, getting some distance and getting back to nature can be really beneficial.

Have a life laundry

This one isn’t for everyone…some of us really can’t cope with having to part with our possessions no matter how much space they take up!

If the stress in your life is about being unorganised, or never being able to find the one thing you need, then a clear out of the hoarded rubbish could help you to have a clearer mind.

See an old friend

We all fall foul of failing to make plans to see friends then kicking ourselves when we bump into them and have the same old chat about how it’s been far too long.

So why leave it any longer?

Text or call that friend and spend some time remembering when life wasn’t so busy or stressful.


Giving something back has the power to really make you and others feel great about you.

Put your stress to one side and think of how you could help others – maybe there is a local animal shelter that needs someone to help walk the dogs or a local care home where some lonely elderly people never get a visitor.

The opportunities here are endless and a great way to destress while you’re getting some feel-good endorphins from your efforts.

Bath, book & bed

Tried and tested reliable methods are sometimes the best way to unwind, take some time for yourself and feel refreshed.

Run a hot bath (maybe include a glass of wine or a bottle of beer!) find a good book, maybe a classic you haven’t read for years, and enjoy a long soak before getting an early night.

The healing power of sleep never fails to help you face the next day feeling relaxed and ready for the next challenge.

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