The relative comfort of financial stability is something everyone strives for.

Lack of finance can cause personal strain and bring about difficulties in relationships.

When it becomes hard to make ends meet, or someone is bad at budgeting, other problems arrive too such as an inability to sleep, irritability and a difficulty concentrating.

Despite this, tough times often make us stronger, with a common goal of making it work regardless of how financially restricting life can be.

A little more disposable income would help, but does money really buy you happiness?

Read on for the argument against this train of thought…

1. Rich people are often unhappy

Ok, so you’d rather be lonely in your beachfront villa than your flat in the local town – but you only have to look at the tabloid news to see that the lives of the rich and famous are far from rosy.

High profile divorces, child custody battles and sometimes dependency issues shows that money won’t guarantee success in your personal life.

2. You can’t buy love

With millions in the bank how can you be sure that the love of your life is genuinely interested in you as a person?

The world famous MMA fighter Conor McGregor met his partner when he was unemployed, broke and struggling to start his career.

Years on, he trusts no-one more to be by his side now he’s hit the big time than the woman who believed in him at his lowest point.

3. You can’t take it with you

The old saying rings true – nobody on their death bed will be rejoicing in their many houses, cars, watches and possessions they left behind.

They’re looking at who is beside them sharing their final days – family, friends, colleagues, children and grandchildren.

At that moment in your existence material things mean very little, they can of course pass on some wealth and stability to those you love but unless you’re having a 24 carat gold coffin it’s no use to you as much as love is.

4. Health

Money simply cannot buy you health.

You can have a trainer to motivate you and many wealthy people will have a chef too to keep them on track.

But no amount of wealth can guarantee you’ll never develop a serious disease, or a disability.

5. Family

The final case in point is family – and this includes your friends too – no amount of money in the world can replace the joy that your loved ones can bring to you, and you to them.

They might drive you crazy sometimes but they’re the best thing that money can’t buy.

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