The media often tells us that overuse of technology can be a significant health risk.

We are told that spending too much time watching television or glued to a smart phone can cause everything from poor posture to heart disease!

While overuse of technology might be detrimental to our health, there are many ways that technology can encourage good health.

This guide will share 5 must-have gadgets to improve your health.

Let’s check them out.

UPRIGHT GO — Wearable Posture Trainer

There are many health benefits associated with having good posture.

It will help to avoid premature wear on joints, improve lung performance, and avoid back pain.

Good posture will also make it easier to digest food and give you a stronger core.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to ensure you continually have good posture throughout the day — particularly if you spend a lot of time sitting down.

UPRIGHT GO can help by continually monitoring your posture.

It is a wearable device that attaches to the upper back with adhesive strips.

It will test how straight your back is and send data to your smartphone or tablet.

The UPRIGHT GO app will then tell you the current position of your back and how good your posture has been recently.

The app also includes a training mode, which causes your phone to vibrate whenever your posture is bad.

Learn more about UPRIGHT GO.

The Pip — Stress Tester

Stress is a common health condition that affects millions of people in the United Kingdom.

It is a serious health problem that can contribute to other illnesses including anxiety, depression, diabetes, and heart disease.

Stress can significantly impact your lifestyle, damage your relationships, and cause chronic health problems.

Pip is a useful electronic device that measures variations in the body’s electrodermal activity (EDA) to determine how stressed you are.

To use pip, you simply place your fingertips on the device and it automatically measures your stress levels.

It relays the results of the test to your smartphone or tablet.

Knowing how high your stress level is will help you understand when you need to take steps to reduce it.

Once Pip has told you that your stress levels are high, you can meditate, take a walk, exercise, perform some breathing exercises, or use any other technique that reduces your stress levels.

Pip also makes it easy to determine how effective a particular set of anti-stress techniques are.

You can view how stressed you were each day and monitor how effective your stress-busting techniques are.

Learn more about the Pip.

ResMed S+ — Sleep Monitoring System

Sleeping well is an important part of staying healthy.

That’s because the body uses the time you spend sleeping to balance hormone levels, restore energy reserves, remove waste from the brain and perform many other important processes.

If you are not getting enough sleep or your sleep is often interrupted, it can result in some serious health consequences.

The ResMed S+ is a clever gadget that is designed to help you sleep better.

It features comprehensive sleep tracking that analyses how well you are currently sleeping without the need for any wearable device or mattress strips.

The S+ uses bio-motion sensors and audio sensors to determine if you are awake, restless, or fully asleep while in bed.

This information is then sent to the ResMed S+ app, which can be installed on any iOS or Android device.

Having an S+ makes it easier to ensure you are getting the sleep you need.

You can also make lifestyle changes then track how effective those changes are at helping you get more sleep.

Learn more about the ResMed S+.

Muse — Meditation Tool

There are many different meditation tools available on smartphones and tablets.

Most of these tools offer guided meditation sessions and help you track your meditation sessions.

Muse does much more.  It is a meditation system that actively guides you through a meditation session while monitoring your brain waves.

It will actively adjust the sounds that you hear in your headphones as you reach different levels of consciousness.

Muse includes a variety of soundscapes including Beach, Rainforest, and Desert.

Many people find that these soundscapes make it easier to focus while meditating and to reach a meditative state faster.

The device will send the analytics from your meditation session to your smart phone or tablet device.

You will be able to see how long you meditated during each session and how active your brain waves were.

It’s an interesting technology that blends the very old science of meditation with the very new.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

Air pollution isn’t just a problem for people living in large cities.  Many homes have an indoor air pollution problem caused by dust, mould, dander, and other pollutants.

In fact, indoor air is often much more polluted than their air outside.

The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach can help by continually monitoring the quality of the air inside your home.

In addition to testing your home’s humidity and air quality, it will also monitor temperature and noise levels.

If the device discovers that the air quality, humidity, noise, or temperature has exceeded a certain threshold, it will send alerts to your smartphone or tablet device.

It is a particularly useful device for people who have asthma as it can warn you of a problem within the home before it causes an asthma attack.

Check out the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach.

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