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5 Life Lessons From Centenarians

5 Life Lessons From Centenarians
5 Life Lessons From Centenarians
Sun Jul 9

Older people have lived so much life that they’ve learnt plenty of valuable lessons that us young folk ought to pay attention to.

Don’t discount your elderly next-door neighbour just because she doesn’t have thousands of Twitter followers.

The lessons she can teach you are much more valuable than ones you can find on social media.

Keep learning

Learning doesn’t end when you finish your education.

Things change and you need to change with them.

Besides, learning can be fun—despite how maths made you feel as an eleven-year old.

Find what you’d love to know more about, and keep your mind active and healthy by following the thread of information to your goal.

Look after your health (mental and physical)

Don’t eat a pizza and wonder why you feel terrible the next day.

Likewise, don’t work all hours of the day and wonder why you don’t feel happy.

It’s important to take care of both sides of your health so that you can make them last longer.

If you’re feeling sad, talk to someone.

If you want to lose weight, join a gym and eat more leafy greens.

You’ll feel better in the long run.

Make friends

Our friends challenge us and make us laugh.

They’re the antidote to dull Saturday evenings and the ones who help when something bad happens to you.

If you’re about to make a huge mistake, a friend will tell you.

If you’re about to do something that will be great for you, a true friend will inspire you.
Friends are important, keep them around.

Find your passion

Everyone has something they’re passionate about, whether it’s books or beetles or history or sport. Find yours.

It might be niche, but it’s yours.

You might even be lucky enough to find a career in it, and then, as the saying goes, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Make a difference

Make your life matter.

Make it mean something.

Stand up for what you believe in.

Not only will you be living completely truthfully, and you’ll be justifiably proud of yourself for that, you can inspire those who maybe couldn’t be so brave without someone like you.

You might even start something that will continue on for years after.

Follow these tips for a happier, healthier life, and maybe you too will be able to pass them on when you hit 100 years.