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5 Important Reasons To Unplug And Find Space

5 Important Reasons To Unplug And Find Space
5 Important Reasons To Unplug And Find Space
Sat Jan 20

You cannot really exist in the modern world without using technology.

Everything we do now is powered by computers of some kind.

Think about how many technological devices you interact with every day.

Your mobile, your laptop, your tablet, your smartwatch, your car, your television, the list is pretty endless.

When was the last time you turned your mobile off?

Although it might be the way of the world, it doesn’t mean we should just accept it carte blanche.

Having time away from technology offers a whole host of benefits so here are five essential reasons to unplug and find space.

Live in the real world

With so much reliance on technology, it is almost easy to forget that there is a real world out there.

It is vital that we do not neglect our real-life friends in favour of the world that exists on the internet.

Constant use of mobile technology and distrust in who our partners are communicating with is cited as one of the most common reasons a relationship fails.

Your partner, your children and your friends should all get to spend time with the real you so make time to live in the real world.

Practice gratitude

It is all too easy to become frustrated and jealous with our lot when we develop an over-reliance on technology.

Other people’s lives are thrust in your face and while there is no harm in gaining motivation from other people’s successes, feeling envy or jealousy is quite dangerous.

By disconnecting from your technology and spending time reflecting on and enjoying what you already have is vital.

You can always aim to improve your lot but don’t be so hung up on technology that you forget to enjoy your life.

Catch those zeds

One common denominator of technology is the bright and garish screen.

Screens are a stimulant and when the content can generate such a range of emotions from happy to sad, angry to frustrated and anywhere in between you are looking at some pretty wired brains.

It should come as no surprise that insomnia is one of the most common reasons for GP visits.

These constantly active minds are preventing sleep.

Scheduling your unplugged time in the last hour before bed may also have the effect of seeing you sleep much better.

Love the skin you’re in

Reliance on technology has also led to a general dissatisfaction and fear of being alone.

While there are positives for technology being able to connect people who might otherwise be isolated, we are seeing a rise of people not happy in their skin who dread being alone without the connection their technology offers.

Embrace your space and get to love some quiet alone time.

Use the time to read, meditate or just relax.

Control your stress

Keyboard warriors of the world unite.

If you are a regular social media user, you will understand immediately.

With technology, you will see things that rattle your cage and getting involved can instantly send stress levels soaring.

There is a massive amount of fake news, and no the world is not a beautiful place, so if you remain connected continuously you risk having uncontrollable stress levels that can lead to genuine health issues.